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It saddens me.

It saddens me.

It saddens me a lot that the southern people are not able to understand the urgency of the situation they are involved in.

Those you call the Fulani herdsmen, or the Fulani people—they are the Taliban.

Please read the last line again.

Those you call Fulani herdsmen are the Taliban.

They are sworn to take over the whole of the south.

You have to tell your leaders—your local government councilors, your obas, your commissioners, your state governors, your representatives in the house, your senators, your ministers—everybody you know that the Taliban is attacking us.

Stop calling them Fulani herdsmen.

They are the Taliban.

They want to Islamize the entire world—by force.

They will force all the women to wear the veil.

They will withdraw all the women from school—and teach them only religious education.

They will force all the men to study the Islamic religion only.

They will close all your schools. Yes, they will.

Do you know the atrocities they are committing in Afghanistan now?

They will commit the same atrocities and even worse on our land.

Please don’t just read this message and pretend that it will not happen.

It is already beginning to happen.

You must tell your leaders—your local government councilors, obas, commissioners, state governors, representatives in the house, senators, ministers—tell everybody you know that the Taliban is attacking us.

Tell them to do something about it.

You must organize now to defend your land against them.

Every hour, every day you delay is making things worse.

Please tell them.

Don’t ignore this warning. Please don’t shrug it off, because we still have an opportunity to stop this advance before it is too late.

It will affect moderate Muslims, Christians, traditional religion worshippers, the rich, the poor, the powerful, the weak, and the entire masses of the people.

It is the Taliban advancing on us. Like a pack of locusts, anything the land upon will be devoured.

Tell them: the Taliban will not care whether you want to be governor, senator or commissioner.

They take over everything.

I don’t want to say later, “But I warned them.”

I don’t want to be right.

It would not matter to me that I am right.

It would devastate me even more that we don’t do anything but wait for it to happen.

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Interested in some of my published works?

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