A picture showing the akodi orisa artists crossing a bridge

When nobody supports you

When nobody supports you,

when everybody says no to you,

when people turn down your requests,

and you cannot get any grant

when they band together to oppose you,

and say your ideas are not practical

and they frown when they see you:

don’t despair;

these are signs that you are moving in the right direction;

keep placing one foot ahead of the other

continue to push ahead

you are going in the difficult direction

you are visualizing things never seen before

you are setting goals others cannot understand

you will achieve results beyond their wildest dreams

but only if you keep your dream alive with hope

and you refuse to be discouraged

even when you are tired and feel alone.

What you seek is available and in abundance

keep your eyes open and you will see it

where others say they see nothing

you will discover it in large quantity and great quality.


Women artists at the Akodi Orisa Art Sanctuary discovering a huge deposit of their art material on their own land after searching in vain for several years.

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