a picture showing moyo okediji sitting close to a window blind with a big smile on his face

Santa Mo

Santa Mo says repeat after me:

I am a spiritual being, not just a physical entity.

2022 is my year to shine.

2022 is my year to heal.

2022 is my time to fly.

2022 is my year in the limelight.

I close the door and shut off all negative thoughts.

I open the door and welcome positive energies.

Nothing will prevent me from aiming high from now on.

I have within me more than enough to achieve my goals.

After this long night, I will wake up to a beautiful morning.

Every sunrise will pour its healing energy into me.

Every sunrise will send its healing rays to energize me.

The tumors and cancer cells inside me will shrink and fall off.

My body and spirit will excrete and reject the dead cells.

New and healthy cells will grow inside me in replacement of the diseased cells.

The organs within my body will get stronger and stronger and defy sad medical predictions.

My joy will know no bound from this moment on.

My bills will all get paid.

My debits will turn to credits.

I am a beautiful person inside and outside.

When people look at me they see a wonderful spirit.

I know these things to be true because I am a spiritual being,

As I say these things I believe them to be true and genuine facts.

I am a spiritual experience.

I rise above the ordinary and become extraordinary.

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