A post about Michael Harris (1948-2022) Moyo Okedijis brother.

MICHAEL HARRIS (1948-2022)

MICHAEL HARRIS (1948-2022)

Michael Harris

My brother, Michael Olonade Harris, has transitioned.

This loss is enormous.

He was my inspiration, critic, supporter, strength, teacher, collector, promoter, everything.

I knew.

I was so scared to call him.

The thought of him telling me he was going to die was too scary for me to handle.

Even in transition, he will be playing music, and asking me to get up, and write an essay, or finish a painting.

He tried desperately for the two of us to have an art exhibition at the end of his earthly life.

It was not to be.

I knew it was not to be. But he wouldn’t give up trying.

He fought until the very end.

And he won. He won. Because he was never discouraged or tired to fight.

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