My phone rings and, recognizing the name of the caller, I pick up the call. It is the wife of a friend living in Nigeria. I say the usual, “Hello,” but there is no response. There is a faint conversation in the background. She is discussing with her friend. “He twisted my arms, shoved me into the wall and began to rain blows on me. Then he gave me a kick, and I found myself face-down on the floor. He then sat on my back, grabbed my long braids and I felt like he was going to yank my head off my neck as he kept tugging at my braids. All the while, he was screaming, ‘I can do whatever I like with my penis. What does it concern you that I impregnated another woman? If you don’t like it, why not pack your rags and get out of my house? Are you not a Yoruba woman? Your father had four wives….’”

I shut off my phone. Am I eavesdropping on an accidental call? Is she reaching out to me surreptitiously? What am I to do now…? Should I call her? Should I call him?

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