Africans living in voluntary and compelled exile

Africans living in voluntary and compelled exile:

Do we deserve the “comfort” of exile, if we are only concerned about the comfort of our immediate families?

We all realize that a country like Nigeria has become a lion’s den, and many of the citizens feel trapped inside it.

We realize that many of us escaped with nothing in our pockets. I left with only $98 in my pocket in 1992.

We realize that many countries, especially Nigeria, treated us badly, and continues to treat its citizens without care, deprived of the basic amenities of life.

But: when we reach the land of exile, should we not reach back and do something for those who are trapped in the country?

When I left, I swore I would never return to Nigeria. I know of people who tore their Nigerian passports after reaching the land of exile.

But do we have a responsibility to those who are unable to leave?

I am not speaking of distributing money and material things to the beggars: do we have any responsibility to salvage Nigeria from the leeches?

And if so, what can we do?

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