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National flags

National flags are often given nicknames and aliases that convey the love of the people for their countries. Below, here, is a list of national flags and their aliases.

Nigerians do not have a nickname for their flag.

Calling it Green-White-Green is rather lame and too obvious. We need something more toothy. This is not to suggest changing the flag: but to give it a name.

What name would you give to the national colors of Nigeria?

Make a beautiful suggestion, please.

Do not use any of the aliases already taken by other countries below:

A list of (nick)names

• Belgium – Driekleur, Tricolore

o Flanders: De Vlaamse Leeuw

o Wallonia: Le Coq Hardi

• Brazil: auriverde

• Canada:

o Maple Leaf Flag

o Unifolié (French)

o Quebec: Fleurdelysé

• China: Five Stars Red Flag

o Older Chinese flag nicknames

o National Flag pre-1912: Dragon Flag

o National Flag 1912-1928: Five Coloured Flag

o Army Flag 1912-1928: 18 Stars Flag

o Tibet: Snow Mountain and Lions Flag

• Colombia: tricolor

o Colombian subdivisions

o Cartagena: cuadrilonga

o Barranquilla: cuadrilonga

• Croatia: Trobojnica (tricolor), Crven-Bijeli-Plavi (red white blue), Barjak (flag); the chequy shield: S’ahovnica (chessboard)

• Cuba: La Estrella Solitaria (the lonely star)

• Denmark: Dannebrog

• Finland: Siniristilippu (flag with a blue cross)

• France: Tricolore

o Bretagne: Gwenn Ha Du (white and black)

• Faroe Islands Merkið

• Germany: Schwarz-Rot-Gold (black red gold)

o Bavaria: Rautenflagge (Lozenges flag)

o Bremen: Speckflagge

o Third Reich: Hakenreuzflagge (swastika flag)

o Weimar Republic: Schwarz-Rot-Mostrich (Black-Red-Mustard [derogatory nickname used by anti-democratic groups])

• Germany (East) – Spalterflagge (derogatory term)

• Greece: Galanolefki (the blue-and-white)

• Guyana: Golden Arrow

• Indonesia: Sang Saka (Lofty Bicolor, off.), Merah Putih (red white)

• Italy: Tricolore (tricolor)

• Japan: Hinomaru (sun disc flag)

o Naval ensign: Rising Sun Flag

• Netherland: Princenvlag, Oranje-Blanje-Bleu (orange white blue)

o States-General flag of the Republic of United Netherlands: Statenvlag, Generaliteitsvlag

o North Frisia: Göljn-Rüuuml;dj-Ween (Yellow-Red-Blue)

• Norway

o Sweden and Norway (1844): Herring Salad (union of the flag)

• Poland: bialo-czerwona (white-red)

• Pirates: Jolly Roger

• Portugal: Verde E Rubra, Verde-Rubra (green and red)

• Puerto Rico: La Monoestrellada (The Single Star Flag)

• Russia: Andreevsky (St. Andrew’s, Russian naval flag) Андреевский

• South Africa

o Transvaal: Vierkleur (four colors)

o Voortrekkers: Kruisvlag (saltire flag)

o 1928 flag: Oranje-Blanje-Blou

• South Korea: Tae-Gheuk-Ghi (Tae= great, Gheuk = extreme, Ghi=flag)

• Spain: Rojigualda (red-golden)

o Catalonia: Senyera (banner), Les Quatres Barres (the four bars)

o Basque country: Ikurriña (Basque flag)

• St. Vincent and the Grenadines: The Gems

• Switzerland: Federal Cross

• Taiwan: Blue Sky, White Sun, All Field Red

• Thailand: Trairanga (tricolor)

• Turkey: Ayyildiz (moon star)

o al sancak (red banner)

• United Kingdom: Union Jack

o British Merchant Navy: Red Duster

o British Royal Navy: White Duster

o Wales: Ddraig Goch (red dragon)

• USA: Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, Betsy Ross

o California: Bear Flag

o Confederate: Stainless Banner, Stars and Bars, Southern Cross, Flag of the South

o Texas: Lone Star

 1836-1839: Bonnie Blue Flag

o First US flag with Union Jack in canton: Continental Colors, Grand Union

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