Could the Christians in southern Nigeria please help us in reducing the environmental noise pollution level in the region?

It is impossible to do any serious intellectual work as Christians yell and scream on their megaphones and public address systems from their churches every hour of the day.

This incessant noise pollution is especially most cruel during the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning when creative people get up to take advantage of the quiet moments to think and push their ideas forward in their minds, research laboratories and studies.

I understand that Moslem preachers also scream and yell from their mosques. All this noise making is excruciatingly distracting and unpleasant. Please let’s be considerate to others who would like some quiet moments to think, as intellectuals, scholars, researchers, artists and scientists do in other countries.

One is simply begging you Christians and Moslems to give us a break. The yelling and screaming at God is actually not necessary. Your Gods should be able to hear your silent whispers if they are truly omnipotent and omniscient. And your followers do not need you to shout at them because they are already your followers. But if your intention is to use the screaming and yelling from your temples to attract the attention of non-believers in your faiths, please be mindful of others who are simply not interested and just want to live a quiet life.

And, to the lawyers and law enforcement officers out there, are there any legal actions that one could take to ensure that these religious zealots cease and desist from proliferating and continuing this egregious environmental pollution? Some of us simply want to sleep so we could wake up fresh in the morning to go to our places of work and function effectively. These noises from the churches and mosques are making it impossible to function well. Enough is enough already.

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