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Who Is Your Body?

Who Is Your Body?

Your body

Is the greatest miracle happening now

It is not dying

It is always growing

always changing

always waiting for you

to drive it

to take control

and like an artist, to sculpt it

to use it like clay and shape it

to use it like watercolor

and paint anything you desire

Because every day

is a blank yard of canvas

Your body

is artificial intelligence

waiting for you

to program it

to code it,

It is a robot waiting for your command

and if you don’t command it

others will recode it

and program it

to serve their own purposes

Your body

is tax free.

You don’t have to pay a cent

to use it.

You don’t need your credit card

to purchase it

Because it already has been delivered

like a pair of brand new shoes

from amazon.com

Duty free

So why not wear it now

–it already arrived, polished and shining–

so why not get up now

and take your body out

and do something

for the actor inside you

waiting to be a star?

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