Don’t stop.

Don’t stop.

I know you’re tired.

I know you are broke. Very broke.

I know that all your friends are making it, but things are not just working for you right now.

I know you are annoyed.

You have cried your heart out, and nothing changes.

I know that help is not coming. You are alone, and you are afraid.

Those who vowed they will support you are nowhere to be found when you need them the most.

I know you are frustrated.

It is cloudy all around and the sun is down.

I know you’re upset.

Why are things so difficult for you, and others are moving ahead who have not even tried as hard as you have, you keep asking yourself.

I know all of these things.

Yet I say to you today:

Don’t stop.

Only those who stop fail.

Keep moving. Place one foot ahead of the other.

Use your heart when your body fails.

Don’t stop. You are winning the race.

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