Captive No More V

Captive No More V


The baale of Apaara,

My great grandfather

returned on horseback

only to discover that

His favorite child was gone

swept along the rabid rapids

of the slavers’ path

into the abyss of time.

No one taken by these snares

was ever found again.

But the baale nevertheless

arranged a chase party

to go after the plunderers

who stole into his yard

without fear or care

worming through his walls

to pilfer the priceless jewel

of his white crown.


The baale found his queen

my great grandmother

Where she was locked up

and tied to the frame

of her bed

as she had stripped herself naked

about to step into the street

to search for her missing son.

When she saw him enter the room

her fever subsided

she stopped struggling

and her limbs went limp.

Strand by strand

he removed the straps

binding her to the bed

and sat next to her.

He lifted her hand

and it was hot like fire

yet damp with sweat

that drenched her entire body.


He took a wrapper off the rack

and wiped the sweat from her body

starting from her damp face,

down to her neck

through her busts,

down her belly

around her waist beads

between her slender thighs

along her slim calves

bending her knees

pressing, dragging up her feet

separating each of her toes

and then, looking in her eyes

twists her feet tenderly

at first one foot after another

before rotating them left and right

after which he worked his way

slowly back up to her face

moving slowly, tenderly

lingering at the crossroads

of her body

as she submits to his massage

her closed eyes relaxing

while her trembling subsided

under the caressing strokes

of his gentle fingers.

He closed the door

and lay down next to her

His tall and lanky body

contrasting her short frame

as he pressed her

against his powerful loin

her deep breathing

trailing off into a dream.

(to be continued)

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