Gift of Love

Artist: Moyo Okediji

Title: Gift of Love

Medium: Bodypainting, photography.

Date: 2019

Well, since Facebook won’t let me show you anything that a baby can’t see, I will show you glimpses of the fun we artists have with the human figure.

There is nothing as beautiful as the human figure. And in the studio, when I have the camera, some ẹfun (kaolin) and osùn (camwood), èédú (charcoal), perhaps a cup of red wine, (preferably palm wine), I can blow your mind with love as I celebrate the beauty of the human figure.

I can sing the song of every strand of hair that nature has placed on every inch of your body.

If Facebook would let me, I’d blow your mind, yes, I would, my friend.

Yet, dear friend, this is a gift of love, and in Yoruba art, we call it Olúmẹ̀yẹ.

The last time I showed what is behind the mask, Facebook blocked me for three months. Hahahaha.

You want some more?

One day I will publish a book of my body paintings.

I have a couple of thousands of images to choose from.

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