A bunch of French neocolons

Why would a bunch of French neocolons sit in broad daylight and discuss strategies to come to Africa to experiment with the Coronavirus vaccines on African bodies? (Many of you have seen the viral video, I believe, of these two French humanists dialoguing about going to Africa to experiment with the Coronavirus vaccine on Africans). They can do that dialogue on television with such unimaginable confidence because they know fully well that Africans and especially their leaders have lost the necessary spiritual rigor to resist invasion and abuse.

Becoming an Olorisa is no longer an option for the African: it is the most effective form of intellectual and spiritual resistance against neocolonial aggression.

Does anyone for a moment believe that Wole Soyinka and Wande Abimbola have never been to church services? Abimbola attended Olivet Baptist High School in Oyo. As a product of that same high school, I confirm that no institution perpetrated Christian indoctrination more than Olivet. Abimbola, therefore, knows every verse in the Bible, because Olivet would vaccinate your maturing brain with Christian propaganda in your vulnerable teenage years.

But the determination and decision to REBEL in order to RESIST the infiltration and mortgaging of the African future is a necessary step that begins with non-negotiable spitting out of Christianity and Islam without apology.

Spit them out today and say a loud no to the experimentation of the coronavirus vaccine on the African body.

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