The idea of the coronavirus as Èrè, may be found in the Ifa verse here. The Yoruba verse is above, with the English translation below:

Èrè délé Alárá

Ó kólé Alárá

Èrè délé Ajerò

Ó kólé Ajerò

5. Èrè délé Ọwáràngún Àgà

Ó jẹlé Ọwáràngún Àgà

Ìròhìn kàn bá Ọ̀rúnmìlá

Wípé Èrè ti dájọ́, ó ti móṣù

Láti wa je Ile oun Orunmila

10 Ǹjẹ́ báwo ni èrè ò ṣe ní wáá jẹ òun?

Ere raided Alara’s house

And pillaged it

Ere raided Ajero’s house

And consumed Ajero’s house

5. Ere raided Ọwáràngún Àgà’s house

And consumed Ọwáràngún Àgà’s house

News reached Ọ̀rúnmìlá’s house

That Ere has named a specific date

To consume his house

10. How could he prevent Ere from pillaging his house?

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