a post showing Moyo OKediji art piece

Ela, Offspring of Olodumare

Jumped in my Jeep,

started the engine to warm it

and listen to public radio

for 5 minutes.

Jumped out.

Ex-marine neighbor,

calling across the street:

“Mayu, come here.”

Me: Not coming. Too dangerous. Not safe. Covid 19 is ravaging Texas.

Ex-marine neighbor: I don’t like you Mayu. I’m going to get you out of this neighborhood.

Me: Who cares if anyone doesn’t like me! I fear no foe as long as Olodumare loves me.

Ex-marine neighbor: What is Aladumla?

Me: Google it.

I went indoor

slammed and locked the door


Moyo Okediji

Title: Ela, Offspring of Olodumare

Acrylic and soil on canvas.

Date: 2020

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