There is a revolution going on in Nigeria.

They called it, at first, #EndSARS.

Then it morphed into #endswat.

Like an arrow in flight, nobody knows where it is going.

The youth revolution in Nigeria has caught the entire country by surprise.

The youths of Nigeria are incredibly talented.

Nigerian youths have been handed nothing by my generation.

My generation is the generation of pythons.

My generation of pythons can swallow everything and anything up whole and alive.

But after a python swallows up its victim whole, it cannot move from the spot.

The generation of python must go to sleep to digest what we swallow, and then wake up to swallow up even more.

We have swallowed up an entire generation of youths.

We swallowed up their schools.

We swallowed up their hospitals.

We swallowed up their transportation systems.

We swallowed up their hope.

We swallowed up their present.

We swallowed up their future.

And while we are sleeping, the youths have suddenly woken up.

Where they are going, we don’t know.

But we are certainly too fat to run.


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