The Odu Ọ̀YẸ̀KÚ Ọ̀KÀNRÀN appears for #ENDSWAT.


It was the lopsided Òro pear

Who cast Ifa divination for Amomo,

Who at dawn proceeded to the farm;

They warned him

To be spiritually mindful

And offer sacrifices

To prevent unforeseen circumstances

That could lead to his sudden death


A vessel was traveling to Ilẹ̀ Àrìwá

Orunmila was in this vehicle

Together with his people and a host of others

This vehicle was filled to the brim

With a large number of people

All headed to the same destination.

After voyaging for several days

They reached a strange town

Where the pilot of the vessel stopped

And the voyagers came out of the vessel

To stretch their legs

And to buy supplies that they needed for the journey.

Orunmila also came down from the vessel.

And he stretched his leg

And purchased supplies

That he needed for the voyage.

After some time

Everybody returned to the vessel

But Orunmila had not yet returned to the vessel.

The pilot of the vehicle asked about Orunmila

And they told him Orunmila was not yet on the vessel

and that the pilot should wait

For Orunmila to embark

Before proceeding on their voyage.

But the pilot was impatient

He was also angry

He said he was not going to wait for Orunmila

Because the night was falling

And he was in a hurry

But did not listen to the passengers.

The pilot immediately resumed the journey

Leaving Orunmila stranded behind

Orunmila was not annoyed

But continued to watch the vessel

As it continued the journey without him

Surprised that he was left stranded.

The vessel with all the passengers

Was hardly out of Orunmila’s sight

When a strong gust began to blow

Which toppled the vessel over.

A lot of people were wounded

Even more lives were lost.

Orunmila celebrated his Ori

For redeeming him from the misfortune

And for saving him from an untimely death

Caused by a lack of patience.

That is the situation the Nigerian authority finds itself with #ENDSWAT: to swat or not to swat.

The ongoing youth revolution is a tiny mosquito.

It has landed on the scrotum.

The pilot of the vessel will swat it with anger

And serious catastrophes will transpire.

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