The south needs to cultivate edible urban landscapes.

Nigeria has an ecology that permits the cultivation of food plants throughout the year.

The edible urban landscape means that the cities and town of the south should be cleared of weeds, and every available space must be turned into a vast food-producing landscape, all the way from Ilorin to Port Harcourt.

There are lots of spaces with weeds growing out of control in all the cities and towns of southern Nigeria.

The spaces surrounding your residents, the roadsides, and all the neglected and abandoned spaces in the towns and cities, places where weeds now grow, should be turned into edible urban landscapes to feed people.

Turning the cities and towns into edible landscapes will enable three things: first, it will clear the cities of weeds and dirt.

Second, it will make more food available.

Third, it will defeat the intention of invaders from the north who kill farmers on their farmlands to prevent people from producing food, to starve them and make them dependent on food imports from the north.

A couple of days ago, these invaders allegedly killed a farmer in the Oruoka-Abraka area, and cut up the body into bits and pieces like goat meat. Farmers have fled from that area, because they are afraid for their lives.

The mobile gardens are in addition to the edible urban landscapes, or edible urbanscapes. The mobile gardens can be cultivated in pots, pans, and other containers including plastic bags, that be moved in and out of the apartment or houses.

Research shows that you can plant lots of edible plants inside these containers.

If the south wishes to not only survive the invasion by the north, they need to use alternative means of food production, in addition to the conventional farming, or reliance on food imports from the north.

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