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To the Yoruba Nation

There is a new vision

It is from Odu Irosun

And it advocates the IYEYE plant

Now listen:

We are now near the top of the Gbadi Hill

It is the tallest hill in the universe

So tall, its head is a pointed triangle.

Now the citizens of Iperi were hungry

They cried out from hunger and unhappiness

They were in pain for homelessness

They needed a savior

Who will protect the people of Iperi

A young stranger will shelter the people of Iperi


There is total chaos everywhere.

Strangers are looting our properties

Aliens are destroying our land

But we must not be confused

Our ancestors are not sleeping

Our forbears have not abandoned us.

The last mile of a twenty-mile marathon is the most difficult to run

We look tired

We look mentally and physically spent

Let no one think we are dead

We are not about to fall

We are not about to fail

Because we stand on the land of our lineages


Find the leaves of the IYEYE plant

Pluck one leaf only

Keep it inside your pocket

Keep it inside your bag

Keep it inside your home

Keep it inside your market

Plant the IYEYE tree

Water the IYEYE sapling

Massage the IYEYE bark

Because we have overcome our enemy

And we will not die

Because the IYEYE does not die.

Orunmila asks:

What is the IYEYE plant?

I answered I don’t know the IYEYE plant

What is the IYEYE leaf?

I answered I don’t know the IYEYE leaf.

What is the IYEYE bark?

I answered I don’t know the IYEYE bark

Orunmila says:

Your youths are the IYEYE plants

Their young eyes are the IYEYE leaf

Their lithe bodies are the IYEYE bark

Let the youths run the land

Let the young guard the streets

Let the fledgling man the market

Each compound should bring her young ones together

And initiate them as leaders.

Who are the IYEYE plants?

Orunmila says they live inside our compound:

Who are the IYEYE plants?

Orunmila says we look down upon them:

Who are the IYEYE plants?

Those five years younger than two scores

Who are the IYEYE plants?

Those ten years older than one score

Who are the IYEYE plants?

Those five years older than one score

Let the IYEYE plants grow

Or you will not grow.

Let the IYEYE plants stand firm

Or you cannot stand firm

Let the IYEYE plants thrive

Or you cannot thrive


Now that the police are no longer there to protect you, marshall out all the young ones in the compound, both women and men, those who are two-scores-minus-five or younger.

Let them organize themselves into security forces to guard your compounds.

They will also guard your markets.

They will likewise guard your streets.

Cook for them.

Bring them supplies.

Make uniforms for them.

Do this in all compounds.

They are the IYEYE tree.

Plant them around your household

They will guard hour homestead.

They will protect your estate

They will safeguard your people

They will keep your peace.

The IYEYE plant divined for the stranger

Who would like to occupy

The position of power in the city of Iperi

We hold the IYEYE plant and we will not die.

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