Less than 1000 people are holding the entire country of Nigeria to ransom.

Less than 1000 people are holding the entire country of Nigeria to ransom.

And they are all blind and deaf.

They are practically no more than 1000 people destroying the lives of two hundred million people.

These blind and deaf people include governors, senators, national assembly members and other appointed officials who have turned the national treasury into their mothers’ pot of stew.

They are invested in Nigeria remaining unstable as it is because they profit from this state of confusion.

A peaceful and prosperous country would offer them no opportunity to steal, lie, and kill their ways into power and remain there permanently with their families and friends.

Their time is up.

But, by the way, they think they can distract the depressed citizens with the prospect of a 2023 presidential election.

The elections won’t happen. Nobody can conduct any election as things are.

And by 2023, two years from now, it will be clear that the people are not in the mood to vote for or against anybody.

They are all interchangeable bodies, as they shift and shuffle from one political party to another, without any principles or purposes.

Less than 1000 people are holding Nigeria to ransom, and their time is up.

They are already running to save and hide their loots.

Many of them already know the pool is boiling and the frogs must jump out now or never.

Events are speeding up faster than they can imagine, these 1000 desperadoes.

You will start seeing them as they run, these 1000 blind people.

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