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I woke up during the night and went to the bathroom.

There was no water to wash my hands.

No hot water. No cold water.

What was going on?

I went downstairs.

No running water.

The following morning, I called the water people. I waited in the line for almost two hours, and finally, it was my turn.

“You will not have water for a couple of days,” said the water lady at the other end of the call. “Don’t bother calling your plumber. They can’t help you.”

“You mean I won’t have water for one or two days?” I asked, in utter disbelief.

“No, sir,” she said. “It’s not just you. It’s a state-wide crisis. Your taps will not run for three or four days until the weather situation improves.”

My Nigerian background says this is nothing.

I had been out of water for years when I lived in Nigeria—you just manage to be resourceful.

So, I returned to my painting.

After two weeks of being resourceful and without water, I completed my painting, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.

It celebrates water as maternal, mysterious, hot, warm or cold–and connecting the past, the present and the future.

Interested in some of my published works?

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