My Egungun is dancing as we speak in an exhibition at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, as part of an installation titled “Whirling Return of the Ancestors.”

This Friday I will give a paper titled “Can’t Kant Count?” at a symposium organized by Àgbà Ọ̀jẹ̀ Henry Drewal–he was the Baba who gave me my doctorate in 1995.

“Can’t Kant Count?” raises questions of epistemology.

I take the work of Immanuel Kant before Orunmila and ask Ifa if Orunmila will accept the application of Kant’s theory to the explication of interpretive questions in African art.

We shall hear what Akéréfinúṣọgbọ́n has to say this Friday, April 6, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison–even as my Egungun keeps whirling in the art gallery.

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