Things are happening rapidly in Nigeria.

Things are happening rapidly in Nigeria.

Terrorism has fully found a home in the southwest.

Who attacked Sunday Igboho’s house, destroyed the place and left human blood and tissues all over the property?

Igboho’s house has become a monument to the struggle for freedom, independence and peace in Africa.

The scene of vandalism should be preserved exactly as it is.

It should not be cleaned, repaired or tampered with.

It is now a museum that people should visit to experience the degree of violence that freedom fighters and their families face.

If the scene is preserved, those not yet born will have the opportunity to visit the scene in the future to experience the history of the struggle for Yoruba nationhood.

Photos and videos cannot convey the full experience of the carnage. The tracks of blood on the carpet, suggesting bleeding bodies dragged on the floor, the numerous vehicles riddled with bullet holes, the systematic destruction of the chambers are shocking. Posterity must witness a museum showing the act of barbarism that the anti-freedom forces perpetrate on the society, as they try to suppress the people’s right to protest and defend their land under the siege of northern invaders..

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