At the Akodi Orisa Sanctuary, Ile Ife, we have just completed the Rainbow (Osumare) Gallery.

The Rainbow is the mixture of fire and water blazing with luminous intensity across the middle belt of the sky, affirming the unity of all colors, all peoples, all races, all tongues, all hands and heads, committed to the principle of creativity.

Osumare is pure light, enlightenment, illumination, knowledge and wealth.

The Rainbow rises from a single pot filled with wealth, according to Yoruba ancestors.

Within the Osumare pot is a limitless bundle of gold.

Ile Ife is the land of luminous gold, which is synonymous with the disc of the sun that radiates as the dawn, where knowledge is born and flows to the rest of the world.

May your light shine bright like the rays of the Osumare, so that all peoples may enjoy your generosity and drink from your endless abundance.

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