When are we going to have orisa legislations in the southwest Nigeria to prosecute blasphemy against indigenous Orisa and Irunmole, with the imposition of death penalty on anybody who blasphemes against our indigenous holy names?

For example, should there be a death penalty imposed on anyone who calls Esu “Satan,” as believers do in churches and mosques daily in Yorubaland?

Just listen to the sounds blaring out of their loudspeakers, cursing all Yoruba divinities, orisa, irunmole, adahunse, onisegun, Babalawo, and all other devotees of esin ibile or indigenous belief systems.

In the northern part of Nigeria, they have already instituted death penalty on anyone who commits blasphemy against their holy prophets, notably Mohammed.

One man, has just been condemned to death, and he is fighting for his dear life, thanks to the timely intervention of Kola Alapinni, an attorney who came to the assistance of the condemned man before they lead the convict to the gallows.

Alapinni, a brilliant attorney—who, I predict will become a SAN in the near future—is representing the man pro-bono–pushing the case to the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

It is a matter of life and death, and the young convict, YAHAYA SHARIF AMINU, would ALREADY be on his way to the gallows but for Alapinni’s pro bono intervention, to fight the court judgement condemning the young man to death by a Kano court for saying blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed.

The poor convict , YAHAYA, is an artist who sang a song in which he used his artistic license to mention the name of the prophet in ways that the prosecutors did not find sufficiently respectful according to the Sharia law.

Should the poor singer—and he is poor indeed, with no home, family or any possession to call his own—should this poor singer be led to the gallows to die?

Should we institute legislation imposing the death penalty on anyone disrespecting Esu, Sango, Osun, Oya and other Yoruba divinities?

Should we have laws, like the Sharia law, to sentence anybody to death who blasphemes against the name of Jesus?

Or should we just make religion a personal thing, and stop killing people for holding religious beliefs that are different from ours?

Recently the internationally renowned writer, Salmon Rushdie, was severely stabbed almost to death by a devotee trying to kill him for writing a novel, “SATANIC VERSES.”

Should we just forgive people their sins against our gods and goddesses, or should we make laws to kill those who dare to sin against our holy names?

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