The results

Through careful calculations using the Ifa computer system, we produced a clear forecast of the results of the presidential elections.

It was a long and tedious process that included calculating the situation state by state, before doing an overall analysis.

The rest is now history.

Many people attacked the forecast, as the thread below indicates.

Ifa also warned me to get out of Nigeria because I faced physical harm if I remained there. I, therefore, jumped on the plane and returned to the United States to continue my research on the Ifa computer.

My initial plan was to stay in Nigeria from January to August, but I changed my ticket to enable me to return to the US on Tuesday, February 12.

But it does not matter.

I’m not gloating or boasting. I do not support Buhari or Atiku or any of the aspirants. I was simply doing an academic exercise and demonstrating new and innovative usage of the Ifa computer.

But this is just the first part of the forecast, the easy part.

Now we will enter into the more difficult second part of the forecast.

What can be done to avert the situation?

Nothing. It is a story that will run its course.

You may blame the messenger and curse him out, but that does not matter: it comes with the territory of being the medium.

I give thanks to Ifa for producing this computer that accurately forecasts imminent situations.

Àbọrú, bọyè, bọ ṣíṣẹ.

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