The Akodi Orisa is tranquil.

The Akodi Orisa is tranquil.

It is perfect as an art retreat.

It makes for a great place to reside and study, to research, fully focus on an idea and push it through.

The birds are serenading the grounds.

The breeze is soothing, as the sun blazes away, with the green foliage shading us from the rays.

It is heavenly here.

But not far from this tranquil retreat, a new church has just been built, and the noises of the members as they scream and yell prayers and curses at the world is nothing short of ridiculous.

Pa wọ́n run, lórúkọ Jeesù!

Destroy them in the name of Jesus!!!

Olúwa lù wọ́n bolẹ̀! (Lord cudgel them down!)

Baba lù wọ́n bolẹ̀!!! (Father, club them to the ground!)

Gbogbo àwọn ọtáà mi (All my enemies)

Olúwa lù wọ́n bolẹ̀! (Lord cudgel them down!)

Why must you shout so loud and use the megaphone to yell all these cursings at the entire neighborhood?

Are Christians not supposed to pray subtly?

Did Jesus not counsel against Pharisees and Sadducees?

Did Jesus not teach them to pray, saying, “Our father, who art in heaven…?”

Is Christianity not about love?

Did Jesus not ask for forgiveness of sin even for those persecuting him?

Where did these Nigerian Christians get their doctrine of hate from?

The noise terrorism of these Christians is outrageous.

It gets worse daily, and at night, it is outright unbearable.

How can we bring the law to make these people respect the desires of those of us in need of tranquil and civil communities?

Can’t we just have some enjoyable silence, please?

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