a picture of a sculpture at the akodi orisa

There’s nobody who will see this place and not be afraid

“There’s nobody who will see this place and not be afraid,” the two men on the bike said this morning as they stopped and kept looking at our newest installation at the Àkòdì Òrìṣà.

Bí ìwọ́ bá ṣe rere, ara kì yíò ha yá ọ? I wonder where I got that quote from. Is it a Yoruba proverb?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from the Bible.

My generation was fed with a steady daily diet of the Bible, three times a day.

Yet we perfected the skill of looting the treasury in Nigeria, and turned it into an art form.

That, in my opinion, is what Nigerians should be scared of. Nobody need be afraid of Akodi Orisa, unless they have something to hide. Then they should fear. They should be really, really scared of this sacred ground zero.

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