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The Butterfly Thinks Himself A Bird

Moyo Okediji

Title: The Butterfly Thinks Himself A Bird

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Date 2021

Size: 24″ x 30″

The title is an important line in playwright Ola Rotimi’s masterpiece, THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME.

Rotimi took the line from a Yoruba proverb, “Labalábá fira rẹ̀ wẹ́ye, kò le ṣìṣe ẹyẹ.” ̛It means, “The butterfly compares itself to the bird, but is unable to perform like a bird.”

There are many impostors today.

They insinuate themselves into various positions of power that they cannot handle.

They impose themselves on people but they are unable to provide the services they promise or fulfill the offices they hold.

Their compulsion for power is not met by any ability to perform their duties.

They grip the staff of the office but they fail to observe the expectations of their positions.

To those fakes, we must tender the painting titled, “The Butterfly Thinks Himself A Bird.”

Perhaps you can find the butterfly in the painting, hiding among the colors of the office?

Perhaps you can find the birds pushed below their summit?

The Gods are not to blame when the blind lead the visionaries.

The Gods are not to blame when those deficient control the efficient.

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