A picture of Moyo Okediji (Picture shows me painting jẹ́jẹ́ly in his studio

The Last Dance.

The Last Dance.

Adetola Wewe is working in my studio gallery on his last painting as the first resident fellow of the University of African Art at Austin.

He is concluding a one-month stay, and has produced an incredible number of paintings during this short period.

He will leave for Houston during the week, from where he plans to fly back home.

Today, he will share his residency experience with the students of the University of Texas at Austin, in a course titled “Introduction to African Art,” taught by Moyo Okediji.

The students will have an opportunity to discuss with him the cultural significance of African art, and his role and place as a global artist born in Africa.

We will post some of the paintings he completed during his residency here.

Interested in some of my published works?

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