Hey, world out there

Hey, world out there

I hunker down here

and hail you, dear friend,

for we now live in the world

of virtual friends

but you can’t hug anymore.

We live in a new world.

Welcome, officially, to the new world.

From Austin, Texas, I check up on you.

Doing well, I see.

We are doing social distancing

A race of long distance

across age, race, sexuality, continents

countries, states, and cities.

But, online, on your facebook

I can still kiss you

full on the facebook

Full on the face

on the face

the face

and there won’t be

no sickness no more.


Ruka, Akodi Orisa painter, placing her love in visual terms, on a window at the Akodi Orisa sanctuary.

Her daughter looks on in amazement.

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