Zoom classroom

In the United States, the Zoom classroom is becoming the norm in an abnormal world.

It’s unbelievable that the death toll in the United States is nearing the 250,000 number.

That sort of figure is beyond imagination—one-quarter of a million people dead.

How does one wrap one’s mind around that sort of number, in terms of fallen heroes in a single war that has not yet even lasted one year?.

Whereas in Africa, hardly anyone is dying.

When last week the press reported the fall of Jerry Rawlings to the pandemic, it was so shocking, because in Nigeria, everybody is wining, dining, partying, and marketing as if nothing is going on, and everything is honky-dory.

I believe virtually everybody in Nigeria has already gotten the virus, but the immune system is so strong over there that the virus has no effect.

Listen to the conversation between Mosquito and the Corona Virus at the international airport in Nigeria:


Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Man!

Where do you think you are going?

Let me see your passport. What is your name?

Corona Virus:

My name is Corona.


Corona wettin?

Corona Virus:

Corona Virus.


Lack of respect and ignoramus!

When I speak to you, you answer me with “Yessir!”

Corona Virus:

Yes sir.


So wettin yu call your name again?

Corona Virus:

I don’t understand what you mean, sir.


Yu nor sabi pidgin, abi?

Corona Virus:

I still don’t understand what you are saying sir.


Stupid man!

See how he thin like okporoko.

“I don’t understand what you are saying sir!”

Oyinbo repete.

Abeg vamoose. Visa denied!

Corona Virus:

You said what sir?

Mosquito: I say visa denied.

Go back be dat!

No entry!

Dis na our awa mosquito territory!

You tu thin sef, we for chop yu.

Yu wan come chop people for here, mek yu come fat?

Abeg pack well.

Wetin yu carry?

No road for yu.

Next person?

***But in the United here, I continue to hide in my house, delivering my classes by Zoom, hiding for the KORO.

KORO is having a ball here in Texas, and I am not attending his party.

Picture shows me giving a Zoom class in my Introduction to African Art class.

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