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Plenty to see and ponder,

so very much to read and wonder

in a half-penny newspaper.

First, you must see the three Magi

Looking to find the Messiah

At the throne of Herod?

The Three Mega-Pharmacies

Looking for the Corona Virus

didn’t start their search

in the manger scenes of Bethlehem.

Look, did you see the first three people

shot at close range

Syringe pointed next to veins,

all wrinkled, able, sabled?

“Trust science now!”

“Trust means New Peace!”

You see the three researchers

who invented the shot?

See the solar roofs

of their research laboratories?

And their fine buildings

lining up down a neat row

along the medical research avenues?

Do you see the books they read

the ones they write

and the ones they will read?

Do you see the map of their city?

The diagrams of industrial models?

Do you see their family portraits?

The luminous interior designs?

1234 do you see

the numbers of their houses?

Did you see the person giving the shot

and the one taking the shot?

Who gave the last shot?

that is the question.

Who shot first?

If the first shot

was a prelude to the order

repeated over and over

Drop the gun

Drop the gun

But I wasn’t going to shoot anyone

while delivering a cold-blooded vaccine

Without first inoculating my mind

with a shot of mother’s milk

Stored at minus zero

Delivered at pinpoints

From village to village

where to eat as their daily ration

children want bread and books

to laugh, read and run free?

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