Is it true that all men are born equal?


We are born with different talents and handicaps.

But we may agree that “All men SHOULD be born equal, but the circumstances of each birth vary.”

Some people are born close to the finishing line, and many are born right at the beginning of the starting point in this race of life.

Others are placed even behind the official starting line, and they must also race with those placed only a few feet from the finishing line where all the goodies of life are stored.

Historical conditions have situated us in various positions of advantage and disadvantage right from birth.

The function of society and government is not to be blind to our individual talents and handicaps.

By falsely claiming that we are all equally endowed from birth, society appears to cleverly abdicate the responsibility to provide for our disabilities and polish our qualities.

All men are not born equal, and that’s the problem.

We should be born equal.

We should be treated equally.

But we are not.

That is where the fight for equality must start.

Justice is the recognition that we are not born equal, but should be treated equal with the use of cleverly crafted legal and social documents.

We must assist the weak and the poor to enjoy the opportunities that nature equally extends to the rich and powerful, without regard to race, gender, and other factors of classification.

That is the only way to move toward a future in which all men (and women especially) are born equal to live equal.

We are born with equal rights.

But there are millions of people who position themselves to deny us these rights because they are greedy, insecure and aggressive.

There is enough for all of us.

The sky is large enough for birds to fly freely without fear of collision.

The scheming politicians who sit behind the control towers are the causes of the collisions among the birds in flight.

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