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What is Igbohoism?

1. You need drinking water. You pay taxes to the government. The government refuses to provide you with drinking water, because the politicians would rather steal your money for their own personal purposes.

You dig water wells to provide you with water to drink and use for your household needs.

That is Igbohoism.

2. Your community has no clinic or hospital. Women have to travel more than two or three hours to find a clinic to deliver their babies.

You build a maternity clinic, and the people are relieved because they now have a safe place to deliver babies.

That is Igbohoism.

3. People are hungry. There are no jobs for young people. There are no industries to manufacture things for local consumption.

You gather together and build a mechanized garri industry that assists farmers to process their cassava, and employs youths who work in the industry.

That is Igbohoism.

Igbohoism is not simply about being a freedom fighter.

It is a form of community self-help that citizens are forced to practice because the government has failed them and they have to do something to save themselves or perish.

Igbohoism is when you keep a sharp machete in the house to defend yourself should your house come under attack, because the police don’t care what happens to you.

Igbohoism is when people realize that in failed states, the individual is responsible for his or her own safety, advocacy and salvation.

Igbohoism is what is giving the people of Southwest Nigeria some form of hope now, as they fall under the siege of northern invaders bent on taking their land, through the raping of old women, the killing and abduction of enterprising people, and the destruction of their farmlands to induce hunger.

Igbohoism has come to stay, even if the state succeeds in arresting and killing Sunday Igboho.

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