Don’t wait for mama or papa to die

before you start celebrating them.

You know you will kill cows

for their funeral ceremonies.

Now, get a goat while mama is alive

get a turkey or two while papa can still eat

Slaughter the goat and the turkeys or chicken

and cook them for your mama and papa.

All the cows you kill when they are gone

you and your friends will eat

But none of them will reach baba and mama’s mouth

except the one you cook for them

while they are still alive

and they will bless you in abundance.

Happy Holidays, my friends.

***This is my newest painting.

It is titled KLEO PATRA.

Yesterday, I watched a movie showing Cleopatra of Egypt traveling to Israel to spend time with King Herod the Great.

And I knew the title of the painting must be KLEO PATRA.

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