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I can beat Usain Bolt, the sprint legend, in a one hundred meter dash.

How is that possible?

Simple: if he ties up one of his legs and sprints me by hopping down the track on just one leg.

I can even place him 50 yards ahead of me and still beat him easily if he ties up one leg and races me.

But that is precisely what we do in Nigeria when we allow only men to run the political offices, when we push women back and make it virtually impossible for them to be the president, governor, and chairpersons of local governments.

Everything will just continue in a jagajaga manner as it is now, as long as we continue with half of our human resources.

It is like Usain Bolt tying up one of his legs and hopping down the tracks on one leg. Even my little 2 year-old granddaughter would find that funny, laugh really loud and say “Stop it!” which means “you are cracking me up” in her language.

That is why development is so slow in Nigeria.

Please run on both legs, Nigeria, and see how fast you can actually sprint.

You are the Usain Bolt of Africa with one leg tied up with political strings and red tapes.

Picture shows me with Iya Onibooli in an Ajegunle section of Accra this afternoon. They have no issues of banditry, electricity and pickpockets, even in this struggling neighborhood. Don’t try it in Ajegunle.

Ghana is a place of beautiful souls. Ghana reminds me of Nigeria with the innocence of the early sixties, and the technology of the 21st century.

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