Queen Elizabeth did not wait for my arrival in 1956 before she returned to England.

She arrived Lagos by air January 28, 1956, and returned February 16, 1956.

I arrived Lagos by birth February 25, 1956.

I was disappointed when I arrived and was told she already returned a week before I landed.

I wanted to ask her several questions, but alas, she heard of my imminent arrival, and jetted out of Lagos.

Had I arrived on time, I would have met her in Lagos.

But my birth was delayed by two weeks.

I had several important questions for her, some of them listed on a note I brought with me from Àjùlé Ọ̀run (Original Source).

The most important question I had was this: who gave the British the audacity to force together numerous peoples who never saw eye to eye into one entity which they named Nigeria?

Concerning the first question, the action of the British in creating Nigeria reminded me of the story of Ijapa who wanted to throw a party.

Ijapa invited Mr. Iná (Fire) and paired him with Miss Omi (Water).

Ijapa also invited Mr. Eku (Mouse) and paired him with Miss Ologìnní (Cat).

Ijapa also invited Miss Adìyẹ (Hen) and paired her with Mr. Kọ̀lọ̀kọ̀lọ̀ (Fox).

Ijapa also invited Mr. Ọ̀sán (Daylight) and paired him with Miss Òru (Night).

Ijapa also invited Miss Ewé (Leaf) and paired her with Mr. Àgùntàn (Goat).

Ijapa also invited Mr. Ajá (Dog) and paired him with Miss Ẹkùn (Leopard).

Ijapa also invited Miss Ilá (Okro) and paired her with Mr. Àgbọ̀nrín (Antelope).

Ijapa also invited Miss Òjò (Rain) and paired her with Mr. Iyọ̀ (Salt).

Ijapa also invited Mr. Afẹ́fẹ́ (Wind) and paired him with Miss Eérú (Ash).

Finally, Ijapa invited Miss Epo (Palm oil) and paired her with Mr. Àlà (White Linen).

Then, Ijapa summoned these paired couples to the dance floor and began to sing:

O̧lọ́mọ kìlọ̀ fọ́mọ rẹ̀ o (All parents, warn your children)

Òní á ro (Today will prove dangerous).

But, the Queen flew back before I was able to submit my questions to her in 1956.

And when she visited again in 2003, I had another question: where were the art objects that the British “borrowed” from us, and when were they planning to return them to us?

But I had left Nigeria for the US by that time, and we missed each other again!

Should I email my questions to King Charles III?

(Picture shows me painting jẹ́jẹ́ly in my studio yesterday).

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