A picture of Moyo Okediji working on his artwork



Adamants who chase the future are overwhelmed by the past and lost in the present.

The heaven you seek lies now under your feet.

Take it.

Clean it.

Open it.

Smell it.

Let its perfume go deep into your lungs.

Lick it.

Suck it.

Bite into it.It’s yours.

You don’t have to love it.

Just use it, or it will use you up.

After which it dumps you into the past.

Tailor your dream to suit your purpose.

Walk the path to what you ponder.

Deliver not your life into the hands of pundits.

They have no care for your prayers.

They have enough problems controlling their plunders.

Seek justice within the memory of your passion.

Without equity, balance and vigilance, action and reaction are never equal or opposite.

Pretenders that yesterday is lost forfeit today.

Tomorrow too has cast them asunder.

Half a word suffices the wise.

Silence is the grandmother of virgin music.


Picture shows me rolling up a long painting, titled INDIGENOUS BIRTHING, which I sent to the home of her buyer, to start a new life in a new environment.

Interested in some of my published works?

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