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ÀṢẸ in Yoruba

ASHE in North America (United States, Europe, Afro-Caribbean, Canada)

AXE in Brazil.

ACHE in Cuba.

ÀṢẸ, ASHE, AXE, ACHE emanated from the Yoruba Àṣẹ.

There are now attempts to equate the word Ase with the Biblical Amen.

Amen, in its Hebrew origin, means “truth” or “fact.”

ÀṢẸ, on the other hand, is a command word.

ÀṢẸ is not the truth, or a fact.

ÀṢẸ is used to affirm, advocate, uphold, dominate, control, rule, sustain, command, encourage, assert insist, avow.

ÀṢẸ is power, authority, pronouncement and declaration.

ÀṢẸ comes from the skillful use of ọ̀rọ̀ (language), and ìṣe (action) to realize the impossible, difficult or mysterious.

ÀṢẸ, a noun, comes from Ṣẹ, a verb.

Ṣẹ is a verb of enforcement and transformation.

Everything contains its natural or organic ÀṢẸ.

When in full tune with yourself, your words become the ÀṢẸ.

When out of tune, your ÀṢẸ does not work.

Èèwọ̀ is what negates ÀṢẸ and makes it worthless.

If you pay attention, you will discover the Èèwọ̀ that is associated with yourself, your associates and your destiny.

Your ORÍ will reveal your Èèwọ̀ to you.

Once you avoid your Èèwọ̀, and focus on your ÀṢẸ, all things seemingly impossible become possible for you.

All the roads that appeared closed open up with ÀṢẸ.

It is important to understand the role of Ìbà in ÀṢẸ.

Bí ekòló bá júbà ilẹ̀, ilẹ̀ á lanu.

Mo júbà kí ìbà mi ṣẹ.

We will explore ÌBÀ some other time.

Kó ṣẹ, kó ṣẹ ni ti ìlákọ̀ṣẹ.

For some, your words are your ÀṢẸ.

For others, it may be in the way they walk–their legs bring them their ÀṢẸ.

Some find ÀṢẸ in their jobs.

The ÀṢẸ of some lies in their cooking skills.

The ÀṢẸ of the òkété is in its long tail.

The ÀṢẸ of Ewuro is in the bitterness of its leaves.

The ÀṢẸ of obi is in breaking to two or more lobes.

Your Ọ̀pá Àṣẹ is in your hand.


This painting, titled ÀṢẸ, connects Àṣẹ with Ìwà and Orí.

Mo juba o, ki iba mi se.

May Olodumare grant us the means of discovering the ÀṢẸ in our words and acts.

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