ÈDÈ: The Tie That Binds Us

ÈDÈ: The Tie That Binds Us

Èdè means language in Yoruba.

In truth, however, èdè means bond.

Èdè is formed from dè, a verb that means, “to bind.”

The èdè of a people is what ties them together.

If you want to scatter and fragment a people, remove their èdè, the thing that binds them.

If you want people to come together, èdè will bring them together and unify them.

Do not cut the èdè that holds you together.

Do not abandon your èdè.

Hold on to it, or you will be fragmented and you will get lost as a people.

Use your èdè to tie the family, community and society together.

Olodumare will enrich our èdè and keep it from getting lost.


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