Have you heard the news?

Have you heard the news?

Nigeria is rated more corrupt now than ever before.

Nigeria ranks in the bottom 40 nations in the world.

In West Africa, only Guinea is rated worse than Nigeria.

And Botswana is rated best in Africa.

It is not a PDP/APC problem.

It is not a Yoruba/Igbo/Fulani problem.

It is a Nigerian problem.

Now that we 9jazz adults have failed, will our kids be bolder and more courageous in fighting corruption, or will they, like us, also fail?

Will our children be bold and rise up to challenge 10 basic lacks:

1. lack of electricity?

2. lack of pipe-borne water?

3. lack of quality education?

4. lack of employment opportunities?

5. lack of good healthcare?

6. lack of security?

7. lack of good road network?

8. lack of ethnic harmony?

9. lack of good judiciary?

10. lack of control over corruption?

It is refreshing to see the children in the US come together to tackle the problem of gun violence. The kids boldly and courageously challenge the adults to tackle the problems. The kids are articulate and beautiful to watch.

Will our kids now rise up to lead, now that we have obviously failed?

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