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Night Breeze

Night Breeze

If you didn’t know

that when night falls,

the sun would rise

the following morning

and flood the world

with light, you would

be scared to go to sleep,

wouldn’t you? For eight

hours or more, it is dark,

and you sleep,

waiting for the sun

to rise and wake you

up to the oppor-

tunities of a new day.

Your troubles and pains,

injuries, debts and fears,

turbulence, divorce, or job loss,

cancer, court case and deprivations,

depression, bipolar, and lupus,

diabetes, hypertension and obesity,

loneliness, friendlessness or jilting, in-

fertility, broken heart and disappointment

are just minutes of

the dark hours of the night.

Recline, rest assured

that the night will pass.

Sleep and gather

strength. You will need

the stored energy when

the sun rises again

as it surely will

at the appointed hour.

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