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“Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress” is written at the bottom of the coat of arms of Nigeria.

This is a beautiful idea.

For the peoples of a country to be united, is wonderful.

For the peoples of a country to have faith in the promises of their leaders is magnificent.

For the peoples of a country to experience peace is delightful.

For the peoples of a country to experience progress is priceless.

After sixty years of existence, it is a good time to look back and reflect on these values and decide whether Nigeria has attained the tenets of these principles.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is there unity in Nigeria? Are the various peoples of Nigeria united?

Is there faith in Nigeria? Do the people have faith in their rulers to deliver their promises to citizens?

Is there peace in Nigeria? Do the peoples of Nigeria enjoy peace, living together without fear of violence?

Is there progress in Nigeria? Is the country moving forward and progressing in catering to the needs and desires of the citizens?

Can you answer yes to just ONE of these various questions?

If you cannot answer yes to even ONE of these questions, then it is clear that Nigeria has failed.

The peoples of Nigeria are not united and have no hope of becoming united.

The citizens of Nigeria have lost faith in their leaders to cater to their interests and have also lost hope of regaining faith in the country.

The peoples of Nigeria do not experience peace and have no hope of enjoying peace as insecurity, violence and bloodshed wash the landscape on a daily basis.

The peoples of Nigeria have not enjoyed progress, and have lost hope that progress is coming their way.

We cannot continue to believe these lies that Nigeria tells us.

These are the reasons we demand the Yoruba nation.

Support us, because we deserve much better than we are getting from Nigeria.

We know we can do better when we are outside of this British lie called Nigeria.

The time for Yoruba independence is now.

It is our right to ask for the Yoruba nation where we and our children will prosper.

We are tired of these lies.

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