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Olodumare said

Olodumare laughed when the Nigerian contingents

Stood up to present their case

before the throne of the Most High.

Olodumare said, “Active and passive

are equal and opposite

to effect the law of balance.

In the beginning

I created the most talented people

In a landscape mischievously named Nigeria.

I bequeathed this land

with the greatest treasures

of rivers, gold, oil, arable valleys and marvelous mountains

To balance out this bargain

I imposed on these talents

the worst rulers humankind ever has witnessed.

What do you want?”

Olodumare asked the Nigerian contingents,

“Great talents and wonderful lands,

or awful talents and good rulers?

Both you cannot have at the same time

because humans must have their flaws.

For every sunshine you have rainstorms

for every day, you have a night

to enjoy joy, you require sadness

Choose ye these days

what you want for your land

good leaders or gifted followers?”

The Nigerian contingents argued among themselves

And made up their minds:

“We will keep our great gifts with our rotten rulers”

Olodumare raised the gavel high

and slammed it on the judgment table

as the heavens and the earth shook with tremor

Olodumare admonished these Nigerians, saying

“Verily, verily I say unto you

carry your cross with courage and make charming children.”

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