a post showing Moyo OKediji art piece

So, what do they look like?”

“So, what do they look like?”

That’s the question I never could answer.

But I swear I saw them.

They came in some underwhelming craft.

They took me into the craft. I saw the inside of it.

I don’t recollect sitting down.

No seats inside the craft.

Almost empty.

They showed me the cockpit. Or at least what I thought was the cockpit.

Why I thought it was the cockpit I have no idea. I had never seen a cockpit before.

I was not yet four years old.

Did they tell me it was their cockpit?

No, we didn’t talk.

It was all gestures.

They asked me to do something, and I did it.

They are not of our era.

They are from a different time

And they hiked here undercover.

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